Movie and Wine Review: Distinguished Citizen/ Bordeaux

Distinguished Citizen, 2016, Netflix “Democracy and happiness bring about a mediocre and prosaic literature. Great literature comes from unfair and violent communities, where existential emptiness is filled up by creativity.” –Daniel Mantovani A decorated novelist based in Barcelona, constantly presented with opportunities for foreign travel, rejects the more important ones for an invitation from his … More Movie and Wine Review: Distinguished Citizen/ Bordeaux

What Am I Making and What Am I Drinking?

My aunt was making star-shaped cookies with her grandson, a present for his friends. One broke, and my aunt was afraid they’d have to throw it away, and they wouldn’t have enough. “Uh-oh,” said my aunt. “We’re one short–it’s broken.” Her grandson picked it up, studied it for a minute, and said, “Grandma, it’s not … More What Am I Making and What Am I Drinking?

Where I’ve Been

Well, it’s been awhile since I’ve written–I really debate whether I’m a serious writer or someone who just follows their whims.  There’s nothing wrong with the latter, but we feel better when we’re achieving something impressive. The author James Clear writes that he makes himself stick to a regular writing schedule, even when he doesn’t … More Where I’ve Been

Why Aren’t More California Winemakers Doing Italian Varietals?

Originally posted on Central Coast Wine Writer:
Recently I’ve been intrigued by varietals outside of the major grapes like Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.  Those grapes make some damn fine wines, but after a time, your palate desires something more adventurous. Enter Italian varietals.  They are perfect for such a craving–there are thousands to choose from–Dolcetto,…