Vegan and Vegetarian Wine Pairings

If you pay much attention to the recommendations wine experts and winemakers give for pairing great wines with delicious foods, you may have noticed that most of the time these recommendations focus on meat-based dishes.  We’re not mad at meat-eaters who like to think about which wine would work magic with their beloved crab cakes, chicken cordon bleu, or carne asada.  However, it’s hard for vegetarians and vegans not to feel a little left out of the wonderful world of wine/food interactions.

Who’s out there researching what to drink with sautéed eggplant, or chilaquiles, or radicchio pizza?  Well, we are!  The Diagonal Oenophile plans to post our own vegan and vegetarian wine pairing discoveries here with the tag “veggie wine pairings.”  (Okay, and we’re not the only ones doing it, so we’ll also use the same tag to post links to articles and websites that inspire us with great ideas for how to combine our passions for meatless nutrition and great wine.)



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