Snow Cocktail Recipe


It’s not wine, but it’s still delicious.  It is a snow cocktail.

My mother and I went for a walk in the beautiful Colorado snow today, and it occurred to me to make this.  Colorado snow has to be among the healthiest and tastiest of all the snows in the world.  All that minerality, you know.

I tried the recipe tonight, and it was delicious!  Without further ado, here’s how to make a snow cocktail.

1 oz. rum

I tsp. vanilla extract

1 tbsp. powdered sugar, plus extra to taste

1 1/2 c. snow

half a lemon

-Mix rum, vanilla, and 1 tbsp. powdered sugar in small bowl until well blended.

-Go outside and fill tumbler with scant cup snow.  Pour mixture over snow.  At this point the mixture will begin melting the snow.  Squeeze in half lemon.

-Go outside and scoop half cup full of snow on top of mixture to add whiteness.  Go inside! and sprinkle to taste with powdered sugar.  Eat with spoon.



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