Coming back soon…


Hi all,

I got some good momentum going with this blog in December, and was happy to see so many new people check in.  Unfortunately, I’ve been swamped with grad school and other demands since then, and haven’t been posting.  But I expect to be back soon!  Come April, it should all be over with.

Randy, too, very rarely posts, but wants to post again soon.  (This is technically our blog. :))

I will give you an update that we went to Paso Robles for Valentine’s weekend, and had a great time.

Highlights included:

the great service and variety of wines at Hope Family Wines, which carries several brands and offers complimentary tastings

the consistency of quality and freshness across the 2012 red vintage at all wineries

a sneak preview of a 2013 Rhone blend that hadn’t yet been bottled at L’Aventure

and an adept cookie and wine pairing at Cal-Ital winery August Ridge.

That is all! Talk to you soon.



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