The Body Ecology Diet, broken by Candor Wine

BodyEcologyI began the Body Ecology Diet just over a week ago.

A revered diet among health nuts, it’s the go-to book to cleanse candida out of your system and rejuvenate your digestive tract.  Candidiasis is a condition where candida, a harmful bacterium, takes up more than its share of space in your body and begins to have adverse affects on you, such as:



poor memory

low immunity

aches and pains

…and more

The things that contribute to candida overdrive are everything good:



flour products

and sugar.

Unfortunately, most Americans (including myself) consume too much of these.  I particularly have trouble in the area of alcohol–an avid wine geek, I like to have a glass or two almost every evening.

The diet requires, logically, that you have no alcohol, dairy, flour products or sugar for several months, in addition to these rules:

limited fruit

limited grains

lots of vegetables

some animal products okay, but must be eaten in specific combinations

Well, it’s been about nine days, and I’ve been fine!  The best thing I’ve noticed is that my mind seems to be getting sharper.  I’ve also lost several pounds, which never hurts anyone.


Two nights ago, Randy opened a bottle of Candor Merlot that we had bought recently in Paso Robles.  I told myself that I’d have one sip.  Well, one sip turned into half a glass, which turned into another half glass.

I didn’t even have quite a full glass, so I guess this isn’t a very dramatic story, but I am saying that it was a good Merlot–good enough to get me to break my diet.  It had more structure than a lot of California Merlots, yet still maintained some of that purple lushness without going overboard.  If I’m going to cheat on my diet, it’s going to be with wines like this.

If you look at the bottle in the picture, you’ll notice something unusual–no year on the label.  This is because Candor blends different vintages together as part of their philosophy.  The only other wine I know to do this is Port from Portugal–they overlap vintages year to year to maintain a consistent flavor.

Candor believes it adds complexity, and I would concur.  The wine I tasted is a blend of the 2008, 2011 and 2012 vintages.  You can read for yourself in the link I provided how each year contributes to the flavor, because they know more about each vintage than I do.  I will say that this is a neat idea–even in California weather changes year to year–a warm year can provide richness, and a cool year lean wines with acidity.  Blend them together and you get dimensionality.

If you visit, Candor Wines is part of the Hope Family of Wines in Paso Robles.  I will most certainly be back.

Oh, and I went back on the diet the next day.  Not to be broken…until the next good bottle of wine.



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