Tasting Notes: Savoie, France

This was a wine Randy and I had at a Savoie tasting at a local wine shop.  Savoie is a smallish region in the French Alps, with difficult and hilly growing conditions, according to our pourer. The wines were lighter in body and fruit than most of what I taste, and also somewhere between elegant and funky.


This, the Domaine Dupasquier Aimavigne Mondeuse, was the most distinct of what we tasted.  The first part of the name is the winery, and Mondeuse is the grape–one of the main reds of this region.  Our pourer said it originally translated to “bad sweet.”  Below are my tasting notes, with one being Randy’s.

Tasting Notes:

Sylvia Plath’s antidepressant, hermit ennui, the blood of small children (Randy), bear droppings

Sometimes a wine communicates in moods and nuances rather than typical flavors, and this was one of them.  For that reason, it was my favorite of the tasting.



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