What Am I Reading and What Am I Drinking?

(Post written two days ago.  Enjoy!)

This post finds me in the middle of our roadtrip around the West, pre-honeymoon and during our summer vacation.  Today I write from Omaha, Nebraska, while three days ago I was in the Sangre de Cristo mountains of Southern Colorado.


It’s rainy, green and quiet out there today, much like I imagine the Shire on a spring afternoon.  And coincidentally, today I happen to be reading The Hobbit–the Lord of the Rings prequel and a story of a brave little creature who uses his wiles to fight villains ten times his size.

The beginning of the book was a bit boring because I had seen the movie, but the second half was delightfully unexpected–I didn’t realize there were three movies and I had only seen the first.  Therefore,  the stuff in the second part is utterly unpredictable.

A nice note about the book is that Tolkien wrote it for his children, and if you listen to his colloquialisms it sounds like he’s telling them a bedtime story.  It lacks the suspense of say, The Da Vinci Code, but makes up for it with fireside storyteller charm.

What wine goes with The Hobbit? First would be a honey mead, which Bilbo drinks several times in his adventure.  Colorado and Nebraska are both good places to find it, but I haven’t had it this trip.  colorado-cellars-peach-607x900

Next best is this peach wine from Colorado Cellars–a fruit wine made with Colorado peaches.

It’s just what I picture Bilbo drinking at a summer festival before Gandalf lights the fireworks.  Best served cold out of a cooler while swatting mosquitoes and watching the sunset.

Light, peachy and semi-sweet with a nice acidity to carry it through, I could easily mistake it for a Washington riesling.

The company also makes wines of elderberry, huckleberry, plum, pomegranate, raspberry, and traditional grape wine. Bilbo would probably enjoy all of these.

A fun place to visit, because there’s so many choices. All fruit wines are priced at $15.

Until the next adventure, a toast to summer, and to getting There and Back Again safely.  As I hope we will over the next week.





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