An Indroduction to California’s Central Coast

Thought I’d share this on the Diagonal Oenophile…my latest post from my other blog.

Central Coast Wine Writer

I’ve been trying to gather up information for a few weeks now about just what is the Central Coast.  But because it is divided into distinct subappelations, it is difficult to give it one identity.  It’s easy to find information on Santa Barbara or Santa Cruz, but the Central Coast as a whole remains a mystery.

The Central Coast is one of the major AVAs, or American Viticultural Areas, of California, along with Napa and Sonoma.  But unlike those places, it’s quite large–at least twice as long north-south as those, and extending as far inland as Napa at places.  To think of it in simple terms, it is roughly the area between San Francisco and Santa Barbara, along the coast, with patches of vine-growing areas intermixed with houses, beaches, malls and farms.

screenshot-2016-10-01-at-10-10-00-am Courtesy California Wine Institute

The problem with trying to find a Central Coast identity is its size–it contains…

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