Understanding Regions: Paso Robles East

Hi all, this is my latest post on my Central Coast website. Enjoy!

Central Coast Wine Writer

If you know the Central Coast, you know that one of the biggest names is Paso Robles, but did you know it could be further divided, like Napa?

In fact, it has 11 sub-AVAs.  I’m not going to be that specific, but I will be splitting it in half: dividing the east from the west.

screenshot-2017-02-24-at-1-46-46-pm Courtesy Paso Robles Wine Country Alliance

Paso Robles East is the area to the east of the 101, and encompasses more acreage, while Paso West is west of the 101 and closer to the ocean.

Paso East is known for producing more of the high-volume, cheaper stuff that comes out of Paso, so if you see a bottle for under $20 on your grocery store shelf, chances are it came from the East side.

According to Matt Kramer, the west siders have formed associations to distinguish themselves from the eastsiders. The westside is known for…

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