Obscure Wines on a Saturday Night

Last night we checked out Bar Covell in Los Feliz–a hole in the wall.  They have an unusual concept in that they have no menu–instead you tell them what you like, and they bring you a suggestion or two to taste, until you settle on a glass.


My first wine was this dry riesling from the Finger Lakes, my first east coast wine.  We just don’t get a lot of it out here, being surrounded by wine country ourselves.

Redolent of dried grass, it was less opulent and more delicate than a lot of California wines.









My husband’s first glass was this Santa Cruz Gruner Veltliner, another first for us.  To my recollection, we have not had Santa Cruz wine before–surprising, since it’s so close to us. The fact that it was not one of the major noble grapes, which dominate the acreage of California wine country, was refreshing.


My second glass (no picture) was a Georgian red (the country, not the state) of a varietal I’ve never heard before.

It reminded me of a California syrah, but instead of the flavors jumping out and coming to meet you, they gave the impression of being packed away–the image of people hiding their ancient wine cellar in the hills away from the public came to mind.

This may not be literally true, but Georgia is a mountainous country (I looked it up when I got home) with a history of political unrest over the last 100 years.





20170513_195146_NightMy husband drank a red Burgundy, which of course, had a beguiling nose (Burgundies are famous for having the most mysterious noses in all of winedom.)

It smelled just like a young Robert Redford would after a wild night out, as the faintest wisps of his cologne died away.

I finished with a red Bordeaux, my husband with a Spanish red blend.  We don’t normally have that much wine in a night, but when you’re at a place like this, you need to take advantage.

20170513_205827_NightUpon leaving, I noticed this tattered, incongruous American banner above the door.  It reminded me of the cover of a Goosebumps novel, perhaps “The Fourth of July from Hell?”

Bar Covell in Los Feliz–go check it out!



8 thoughts on “Obscure Wines on a Saturday Night

    1. It was a lot of fun. A bit frustrating at first, because I wanted to hop behind the counter and pick something myself, but if you go with no agenda, it’s better.

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