The Distinctiveness of Santa Maria Valley Chardonnay

Hi everyone, here’s a post on the best AVA in Santa Barbara for chardonnay. Hope you enjoy.

Central Coast Wine Writer

You have tried California Chardonnay before, and think perhaps you know what they taste like.

The most common ones are oaky and buttery in style, (or were at their height of popularity, many winemakers are now trying a leaner style), and come from the Carneros region, an AVA shared by Napa and Sonoma.

But there are other regions that speak of their own soils and climate.

There’s something different about Chardonnays from the Santa Maria Valley, the northernmost sub-AVA of Santa Barbara.

Screenshot 2017-05-17 at 4.19.30 PM Courtesy Santa Barbara Vintners

Matt Kramer, critic and longtime contributor to Wine Spectator, praised them as California’s “most opulent Chardonnays” in his book New California Wine.  He was impressed with their “massive fruit,” tempered by strong acidity, especially noting flavors of lime and coconut.

Flavor Profile:

The fruitiness is especially intriguing, because it is not a characteristic classically associated with Chardonnay.  Yeastiness, toastiness, and butteriness, yes, all products…

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