Book Review: Adventures in the Wine Country

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Central Coast Wine Writer

Moxie and Wine Book

There’s something about the wine books of yesteryear–the lack of full-color glossy photos leaves more to the imagination.

Today’s books are either full of the former, or so full of technical information there’s no room for contemplation.  We are an expertise-hungry body of enthusiasts who wants our knowledge now, conquering region after region or varietal after varietal on our armchairs.

Adventures in the Wine Country, Jefferson Morgan, 1971, is just such an imaginative book.  It follows the author as he gallivants around California, mapping out wine trails and opining on its history and customs.  It contains such gems as:

“The Egyptians, Greeks, Romans and even the Chinese raised winemaking to a high art at the same time our less enlightened ancestors of Northern Europe, no doubt suffering from indigestion brought on by drinking crude beer and brackish mead, were painting themselves blue, shivering in caves and dispatching one another with…

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